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I'd like to thank the scientific community out there for antidepressants. Because I don't want to know how I'd feel right now if I wasn't on them. Bleh.
No need to comment, I'm fine. Just.... down. And feeling like despite therapy and medication that my issues are still the intangible things they were before this. Bleh.
hard at work


I feel bad telling people all the time "maybe" and "well, too late, you've missed out now, a deadline is a deadline." While intellectually I know I'm in the right and probably teaching these kids about the real world and things don't always work out, currently I just have a headache about it all.

Plus it's too hot.

Just needed to sook a bit really. Much too apathetic to rant.

I dreamed...

I dreamed that I was being chased by LRP monsters, so really just some guys with giant head piece things on to make them look like monsters. So I made OTHER LRP monsters for random passers by to wear and distract the other ones.

Merry Christmas all! I recieved tshirts and much fabric and ate much food. Sherlock Holmes I really enjoyed and then successfully drove in the correct lane at 110km for three hours and DID NOT DIE. Sometimes that's a more awesome fact than at other times.


I won a turkey! So um, now I need to think about what to stuff up its butt and how to cook it. I know people out there have cooked turkey before... any suggestions?
hard at work

Slow day at the office....

It seems ages since I was at school, though it wasn't. I've been trying to think about "what shall I do with it all" but haven't managed to find a solution yet, but maybe eventually. My sewing machine was put away for a whole week before I dragged it out again - to make something for ME! Very excited even if I did sloth out and buy a pattern. I did however make a mock up to fit it properly at least.

Other than that I have been wined and dined quite a bit (fish!) and baked waay too many things involving much butter and pastry from my shiny french cooking book by Julia Child.

Work has improved of late, though I am waiting for that to change again. I seem to cycle. But I do get a Christmas break this year and at the Christmas party next week I may win a ham or a turkey. I don't get to leave early like most of Monash, but I might win a ham. This concept pleases me as I have never baked a ham myself or ever cooked a turkey. *fingers crossed*

Goals of late (as I'm early in my "end of year" type thoughts) include:
losing weight/get fit! I did lose some weight early in the year when I was doing the c25k running program but that all ended with full time work pretty much and then I gained all the weight I lost back plus some to the point where I'm now as heavy as I was in first year uni. Bleh.
Acquire some more clothes! I bought two patterns on Monday. One for a v-necked summery dress which I shall make in both knee and ankle length. The green knee length was fitted on Tuesday and cut out last night. The other pattern hopefully fits as it's for a wrap dress, another different dress, a skirt, a wrap style top and another top. I already have some fabric and if I can get the pattern to fit there's my summery work wardrobe done. Except for shoes.
Save money! Speaks for itself really.
Cook more! Goes nicely with the saving money though so far not so well with the losing weight. I'm trying to not go out or buy instant for something I can make so easily and so far I've made a lot of baked goods of fattening. I'm hoping to extend that into healthier things.

So really in the coming year I seem to want to make my own clothes and food, while running, to distract myself from spending money I don't need to.
hard at work

School is over!

I'm not sure I'm excited or anything, but I have finished school with Styling and Couture marks of 92% for the corset, 90% for the ballgown, and 90% for my jacket (which I will post pictures of eventually). My average millinery mark was roughly 75%, dragged down by my appalling "workbooks" which were made worse looking by the effort others put in. Two a4 sheets with hand scrawled notes do not compare to work books full of progress/how to photos and actually design theories. Bah. I made a hat first and then threw words on a page and still got 75%.

Now I can clean my living room of bits thread and pins. Maybe even put my sewing machine in it's case for awhile. Go out and do things! What did I do before school? It's been two years, I'm kind of hazy about it.....

Also, I bought myself a 'class is over so I'll probably make things for me at some point' present - an Singer 5 thread overlocker. For $50. Yay!